* In 1983 the first windmill model, the M-2609, with a wind-wheel of 2.60 meters of diameter and 9 meter heigth, was finished.

* In 1984 starts the comercial activity of Molins de Vent TARRAGÓ.

*In 1990 the company presents a catalogue with four different models: the windmills with 1.80 m, 2.60 m, 3 m and 4 m of wind-wheel. Additionally, Molins de Vent TARRAGÓ expands to the rest of Spanish provinces.

* Until 1995, and according to the objective of being an international player, Molins de Vent TARRAGÓ expands to international markets by making installations in Brasil, Germany, Marocco, Panama and Portugal.

* In 1997 the biggest windmill to pump water of the Iberian peninsula was built. A windmill with a wind-wheel of 10 m of diameter and 18 m height.

* Since 1998, Molins de Vent TARRAGÓ is the only Spanish company with own technology, that produces, installs and exports windmills to pump water around the world.

Josep Tarragó Vilarrubí is the founder and owner of the company Molins de Vent TARRAGÓ.

e-mail: info@tarrago.es

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